Good Morning Sampaloc Lake!

Title: Good Morning Sampaloc Lake!

By: Jake Mercado

Form or Media: Digital Photography

Location: San Pablo City

The Legend of Sampaloc Lake is a story of the largest and most beautiful of the seven lakes of San Pablo, Laguna. San Pablo is also known as the City of the Seven Lakes.

Once upon a time, there live a well-to-do but childless couple. They own a garden that is filled with sweet tamarinds (sampaloc) which became famous all over the island and beyond. In order to make sure that no one would enter their yard and steal their tamarind, the couple built a fence around the yard and placed a watchdog to guard it.

Testing the hospitality of the couple, a fairy disguised as a poor old woman, went to the couple and begged for some tamarind to relieve her hunger. The couple did not even looked at the old woman and instead of yielding to her appeal, they became very angry and drove her away by letting the ferocious dog loose. The old woman was badly hurt.

Before she turned away from the couple, she touched the tamarind tree and said, "You shall be punished for your selfishness." Then she slowly went away.
The sky suddenly became overcast even before the old lady was out of sight. A terrible storm broke out and heavy rains fell through the night.

The next morning, the couple went through their usual routine. Instead of tall green tamarind trees, the couple was startled to see a vast expanse of water. Unconvinced of what happened, they went forward to the bank of the lake and saw through the transparent water the tamarind trees still rooted to the sunken ground.
From that day on, the place became known as "Sampaloc Lake,"

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