Iglesia ni Kristo

Title: Iglesia ni Kristo 

By: Cesar Esguerra 

Form or Media: Digital Photography 

Location: San Pablo City 

Iglesia ni Cristo church buildings, referred to as kapilya (Tagalog for chapel), which serve as places of worship and other religious functions, are "vehicles for glorifying God." These are described by Culture and customs of the Philippines, a book published by Greenwood Publishing Group, as structures "which employ exterior neo-Gothic vertical support columns with tall narrow windows between, interlocking trapezoids, and rosette motifs, as well as tower and spires." 

There are separate entrances for men and women who sit on either side of the aisle facing a dais where the Bible is located and sermons are made. A stage for the choir and, in larger churches, baptistry pools for immersion baptism are located at the back of the church. Meanwhile, Fernando Nakpil-Zialcita, an anthropologist from Ateneo de Manila University,said that INC churches can be uniquely identified for "its exuberant use of fanciful forms and ornaments [and a] brilliant white facade whose silhouette is a cusped Gothic arch or a flattened Saracenic arch." The distinctive spires represent "the reaching out of the faithful to God." Churches were started to be built in this style during the late 1940s and early 1950s with the first concrete chapel built in Sampaloc, Manila in 1948

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iglesia_ni_Cristo

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