San Pablo Cathedral

Title: San Pablo Cathedral 

By: Abigail Gesmundo Belen

Form or Media: Digital Photography 

Location: San Pablo City 

History of San Pablo City
1571 Arrival of Spanish troops under Captain Juan de Salcedo in the village of Sampalok.
1586 Sampalok was converted into a parish.
1647 Sampalok was converted to a municipality and renamed San Pablo de los Montes. Bartolome Maghayon, first gobernadorcillo
1734 Controlled the parish by the Franciscans.
1756 Placed under the jurisdiction of Batangas Province.
1883 Returned to Laguna Province.
1902 Innocentes Martines, first appointive municipal president and Don Marcos Paulino was elected first Municipal President under the Americans.
1940 Approval of Commonwealth (Act) 520 or Charter of the City of San Pablo with Dr. Potenciano Malvar as first appointive City Mayor.
1955 Installed its first elected City Mayor (Cipriano B. Colago).

Source: Wikipedia

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